Adopt a Red Lored Parrot Family

This family of Red Lored Parrots were rescued from a private collection. Unfortunately the parrots are not able to fly at this moment because their wing muscles are very weak. Now these beautiful birds are rehabilitating and recovering their feathers and exercising to gain strength. Please help us by adopting this family until they get ready to fly away into the forest. 

$60 monthly for food expenses.

Adopt our Ambulance

Our ambulance requires regular maintenance since the roads were we drive are unpaved and uneven. Help us continuing bringing medical support to our local animals by donating for car maintenance.

$150 every 3 months.

Adopt Lulu

This spider monkey was also a victim of keeping wild animals in captivity. She was brought to MARC from a family that kept her in a cage since she was a baby. We are afraid to try to release her again because she goes straight into other homes to beg for food instead of going into the forest. Lulu is also part of educational programs for kids. She loves tomatoes! Please help us getting her favorite treats by adopting Lulu.

$65 monthly for food expenses.


Adopt Tuki Tuki

This chestnut mandibled toucan is still recovering from getting hit by a car. He has a broken wing and rehabilitation process is very slow. Please support us and adopt him to cover his food supplies.


Este tucán de mandíbula castaña todavía se está recuperando de ser atropellado por un automóvil. Él tiene un ala rota y el proceso de rehabilitación es muy lento. Por favor apóyanos y adoptalo para cubrir sus suministros de alimentos.

$60  monthly

Adopt Pacho

This northern raccoon was brought to MARC from a private collection. Unfortunately this mammal was kept in captivity since he was a baby. Now he cannot be release back into the wild. We tried to reintroduced him back into the forrest without success. Unfortunately he goes back to beg for food to other homes. He is now a permanent resident at the center and we bring him to school talks and educational presentations. Please help us adopting Pacho.

$50 monthly for food expenses.