Mesoamerican Rescue Center

Committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and returning endemic fauna to their natural habitats. We promote animal welfare and spay/neuter in cats and dogs in the communities surrounding natural reserves.

Comprometidos a rescatar, rehabilitar y devolver a la fauna endémica a sus habitats naturales. Promovemos el bienestar de los animales, castración y esterilización en gatos y perros en comunidades que rodean reservas naturales.

Who We Are

Mesoamerican Rescue Center was created by the family of German Sibaja , a local citizen of Puerto Viejo, Sarapiqui in Costa Rica. German, his wife Lili and daughters have  always been interested in saving injured and unprotected animals and returning them to their natural environment after recovering. Later, a good friend of the family joined this amazing project. J. Adan Ruiz; Veterinary Technician, conservationist, and actor from Mexico/USA is now part of this dream to rescue and preserve our endemic fauna and ecosystems. 

We are a team of volunteers that promote animal welfare. Families and friends from Costa Rica, United Sates, Mexico, and Nicaragua are part of this mission in educating communities.

In God We Trust!

Wildlife Rescue and Care


-Minimize human contact during the rehabilitation process


-Keep animals that will not be able to survive in captivity for educational purposes only


-Educate the community about animal welfare and conservation


-Promote habitat protection/reforestation

Domestic Animals


-Control populations of cats and dogs


-Educate about how to be a responsible owner


-Educate about the impact of feral dogs/cats on wildlife

Donations for Wildlife Rehabilitation

March 31, 2020

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March 30, 2020

Mesoamerican Rescue Center at the Right Whale Festival. Thanks to Lori and family for the support in Florida. ........ Centro de Rescate Mesoamericano en el Festival de la Ballena. Gracias a Lori y su...

November 15, 2019

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Donations for Wildlife Rehabilitation

March 31, 2020

Please help us!

March 30, 2020

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